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Buckle Up and Enjoy the Ride!

I can’t believe it. Summer is almost over. The season we all look forward to most. This time of the year evokes memories of long hot lazy days by the beach with not a care in the world. There’s nothing better than a hot dog and a beer on a hot summer day. However, even as the calendar still says August, the autumnal breezes are peaking through and the days are noticeably shorter.

In America, Memorial Day weekend at the end of May marks the start of the summer season. The summer is bookended by Labor Day weekend on the first weekend of September. Time flies by so fast! Anything that one has procrastinated at all summer, they rush to finish before Labor Day. It’s time for one last weekend vacation before the weather changes. Everyone has the same idea which leads to crammed airports and traffic jams for miles.

The end of August means baseball season is winding down and football season is about to launch. Soon burgers and brews will be swapped out for chili and hot ciders. The beauty of the leaves changing colors and crisp breezes are not far behind. Bonfires on cool nights and warm sweaters await us. Too many Halloween City pop-up stores have already sprouted while groceries already feature copious amounts of bite-size Snickers.

Most schools are back in session including my high school and college alma maters. Schools not yet in session will be back next week. Just as people get anxious on Sunday evening about work and school for the following week, students get anxious as the clock ticks through August.

June is the Friday of weekends since everyone is excited about the upcoming weekend. Everyone is ready to explode in joy as the temperatures rise, days lengthen and summer inches towards its logical climax. On Friday, everyone counts down the hours and minutes until they go home or out to their plans. As June is to Friday, July is to Saturday. July brings this feeling of relaxation and euphoria. August is the Sunday of all summers as we worry about what the upcoming week and year will bring for us. The party winds down and everyone anchors down.

For all of us on the agency side of the insurance industry, we understand that summer is our quiet season. In the spring, general contractors rush in to bind their coverage for their summer projects and individuals insure their cars and toys for their summer adventures. As in any season, there are busy days and slow days. However, life is just slower in the summer. We brace for the September madness as everyone awakens from their slumber.

Even as the laziness and slow summer days subside, we are excited about the busy and challenging times to come. Many summer questions are answered in the fall. We will prepare for landing as 2019 turns toward 2020. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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