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Wintertime Is Here Again

One of the greatest parts of winter is sipping on the hot cocoa on a frigid cold day while sitting by the fireplace. The aroma of chestnuts roasting on an open fire and the snow covered surfaces are just some of the smells and sights of this time of the year. December 26 means that the family gatherings of the holiday season are over, all the gifts were unwrapped and everyone is awaiting a brand new year.

Today means that we look back fondly at the bright lights, holiday cheer, and the food that warmed our hearts. However, it also means we must remain cautious as we drive on the road and walk on the sidewalk. The falling snow and black ice create treacherous commutes, the cold days bite through our teeth, and the dark nights are endless.

There are only three more months of winter so let's take advantage. Now is the best time to ski downhill and ice skate with friends. You can sit on the couch and enjoy playoff football. Enjoy life and be safe. Most importantly, keep your home and car safe with insurance against the worst of the elements. Spring will be here before you know it. Brighter days and a stronger sun will melt away the bitterness of winter.

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