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Why Independent for Insurance?

Nowadays, we are living in the digital age. You can do almost anything online. Malls are shuttering, formerly great retailers like Sears are gone, and even dating is mostly through phone apps. I can pick my groceries on an app and go pick it up or have it delivered. I think you can see the point. We are trending away from human interaction whenever possible.

This trend away from human interaction has disrupted the insurance space with companies like Allstate buying Esurance, an online auto insurance company, and other captive companies offering insurance online. The need to adapt is great so its understandable to add another medium to compete for customers. Unfortunately, this also means that most people don't understand their what's in their insurance policy.

At Statewide, we strive to make sure that our clients and any prospective customer understands their policy and gets the best value. For example, a person with an 2005 Kia could get full coverage, but they could end up spending more on insurance than their car is worth.

Another person purchased roadside assistance from a mainline insurance carrier. Then she used the roadside assistance and her rates skyrocketed in the next term. With Statewide, we would have given that person the foresight to purchase a AAA membership for $58/year instead of allowing her rates to increase by hundreds of dollars.

The expertise and customer service that an independent agency provide allow the customer to have peace of mind with their insurance policy. Our agency has been helping people just like you across the Chicago area for nearly 20 years.

If you are interested in getting a new insurance quote, you can always call us at (847) 675-7714 or fill out a quote form on our website.

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auto insureonline
Feb 09, 2023

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