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Spring Forward!

Last Sunday, we moved the clocks forward as Daylight Savings Time began. Many of us lost an hour of sleep. However, everyone gained an extra hour of evening sunlight. After four long months of long nights, bleak days and frigid cold, there are glimpses of spring all around us. Dirt filled snowbanks are the last reminder of the old season.

There is a growing optimism and energy wherever you wander throughout Chicago. With the polar vortex days not long past, we were all cheering at the sight of the first 60 degree day in the forecast this week. In Chicago, April brings showers and baseball. In the early innings of baseball season, both Cubs and Sox fans are still hopeful and dream of the postseason.

For some, there are Spring holidays to celebrate. All across Chicagoland, everyone becomes Irish around St. Patrick's Day. Jews are preparing for Purim, a holiday of feasting and rowdy behavior. Sports fans have days of nonstop basketball that usher in March Madness followed by basketball and hockey playoffs in April. As we turn to April, we are preparing for Easter and Passover by cleaning our homes and gathering our families together.

As we do our Spring Cleanings and yearn for a new beginning, we must do everything in our power to stay prepared for the perils around us. Sure as God made green apples, Chicago floods in the spring. As the flowers germinate and bloom, there are always major storms with hail, wind, tornadoes, and flooding.

Read over your homeowners policy in greater detail or call your insurance agent to see what you are covered for. You don't want to find out that you don't have enough coverage after your home is damaged by a hailstorm or strong winds. And as the days get longer and the temperatures warmer, there will be more drivers on the road for vacations and work. The influx of drivers creates more hazards so make sure you are properly insured.

In the Midwest, we know there are only two seasons, winter and construction season. On the roads, this means potholes galore, mind-blowing traffic, and head-scratching resurfacing. For contractors, this is the start of the best time of year. However, without the necessary permits, bonds and insurance, this is also the beginning of a nightmare. General Liability and Workers Compensation policies are a must-have for contractors.

We want you to be ready to celebrate this new season. For all of your needs this spring, Statewide Insurance is only a click or call away. Call us at (847) 675-7714 or email us at with any inquiries or to start a new policy.

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