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How Statewide Was Born

Back in 2000, Statewide Insurance Agency was founded in Skokie, IL by my father Joseph Noy. He was a visionary that realized that he could create a self-sustaining business for himself. Joseph started selling insurance in 1993 at Eagle Insurance, an auto insurance company in Chicago, IL.

You may know Eagle Insurance for their quirky ads and their mascot, "The Eagle Man". This mascot would lay an egg and proclaim to save you money. The actors had poofy hair and watching these commercials is a time-warp to a bygone era. These are just some of the memories a 90s kid in Chicago will always remember.

Joseph did not start in 1993 knowing that insurance was going to be his calling. Far from it, it was a way to make ends meet and support his family. However, after years of working his way up the ladder as a broker, he realized that he connected well with his clients, brought in many new people and has impeccable product knowledge. All of this grinding led him to a realization, that he could better service his clients with his own agency.

Therefore, in 2000, he opened his own office and started Statewide Insurance. Unlike at Eagle, he did not stop at auto insurance, he branched out into home, business, health, and life insurance. His clients were grateful to have a one-stop shop for all of their needs. He worked day and night and didn't stop until he called everyone in the phone book.

Over the years, Statewide has moved multiple times, hired several employees, and increased our product offerings. Even through this growth, our values are constant and our foundation is sturdy. He built his business by treating every customer with the same respect and dignity we would expect for ourselves.

In our daily lives, we shall strive to work hard, treat people right, and understand that respect is earned, not given. Whether in insurance or any aspect of life, when you treat people right and are honest, they will trust you. There's no better feeling than knowing that you can help others and make a difference.

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