“Chicago Homeowners Insurance Seekers! Save Up To 40% On Your Chicago Home Insurance!”

Chicago Home Insurance

What do you want your homeowners insurance to do?

You want it to protect you, right?  And not to cost an arm and three legs, correct?  And, if possible, you’d like it if you didn’t have to spend forever and a day finding it.  At least that’s what all the people who’ve purchased their homeowners insurance through us have told me.

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Independent Chicago Home Insurance Agents Are a Great Source of Homeowners’ Insurance

We’ve been providing northern Chicago area home insurance for over 6 years. And for as long I’ve been advising people to get their homeowners’ insurance from an independent insurance agent. It seems I’m biased, at first blush.

But I’m not.

Independent agents work with many insurance companies. That means we’re better equipped to match you with the perfect home insurance policy for you. Not only that, but we can do it fast and, more importantly, for less than regular (captive) agents can.

Up to 40% less.  On most policies, that’s hundreds of dollars in savings.

If already know that you can’t buy your home insurance from the first insurance company or agency you come across, that you need to shop around. If you’re like most people, however, you don’t know that independent insurance agents do the shopping around for you and that doesn’t cost you more.  On the contrary, most people save.

But why would you talk to me about your Chicago home insurance needs? There are three reasons.

Three Reasons To Talk To Me About Your Chicago Home Insurance Needs:

1. If you visit my office and do, indeed, talk to me about your Chicago home insurance needs, you get a FREE $5 Starbucks gift certificate.

2. You walk away with a better understanding of Chicago home insurance plans available, home insurance pitfalls, and pricing.

3. You give yourself the chance to work with a Chicago homeowners’ insurance source that’s highly recommended by its clients (91.3% of my business comes from referrals).

The best way to find the best insurance is to compare quotes from several sources. Or to contact us 847-675-7714 or on our Contact Us page) and let me and my staff do the comparing for you. We are a lot faster and quite good at it.

If you’re like the hundreds of people who’ve used us that means you get a better Chicago homeowners insurance plan and for less.

Different homes/situations require different coverage.  A lot of people end up paying too much for their home insurance.  Not because they paid too high a premium but because they did not have the coverage they thought they had.

Don’t be one of them. Let us get you the right coverage from the start.

Call today 847-675-7714 or send us an email by clicking here and get your free $5 Starbucks gift certificate, a better understanding of Chicago home insurance plans available, and give yourself the chance to get a great Chicago homeowners insurance for less.

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