We are an independent Chicago health insurance agency hell-bent on helping you protect your family.

Accidents happen, even young people get sick.  Even in the the suburb and city of  Chicago health insurance comes in handy.  If you have the right coverage.  How do you know you have the right coverage?  You call us (847-675-7714) or go to our Contact Us page and you find out.

Contact Statewide Insurance and you can choose a health insurance program that  best suits your personal situation, Chicago health insurance programs like:

  • Individual Medical Insurance Coverage
  • High Deductible Health Plans (can be used with a Health Savings Account)
  • Short Term Medical Coverage
  • Medical Insurance, NO SOCIAL SECURITY needed
  • Group Health Insurance

The following are a few things to consider when deciding which one is the right Chicago health insurance plan for you:

  • Premium
  • Features
  • Services included
  • Cost-sharing
  • Access

Is it important for you and your family to see any doctor you want or are you willing to trade some flexibility and see in-network doctors in order to save money?

Chicago Health Insurance Quotes

If you are healthy and rarely see a doctor, you may feel comfortable taking a greater risk and opting for a higher deductible and a lower premium plan. If you see a doctor regularly, you may be more comfortable with higher monthly premium plan and a lower deductible.

For more information on Chicago Health Insurance please contact us at
847 675-7714 or go to our Contact Us page.

You get Chicago health insurance that fits you to a T without hassles.

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