“Who Else Wants Good Yet Affordable Chicago Contractors Insurance?”

Whether you’re a general contractor or another type of business owner, you know you need insurance. But do you know where to get good affordable Chicago contractors insurance?

I do: independent Chicago insurance agents, that’s where. Yes, I am an independent insurance agent.

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Call 847-675-7714 to talk to us about good, affordable contractors insurance (including general contractors insurance). Or read on and find out more about buying contractors insurance (including general contractors liability insurance).

Chicago contractors insuranceWe offer:

  • General liability insurance
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Umbrella liability insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance

Why Chicago Contractors Insurance from Independent Insurance Agents?

We’ve been providing northern Chicago suburbs and Chicago contractors insurance for since 2006. And for as long we’ve been advising people to get their Chicago contractors insurance from an independent insurance agent.

You’d expect that since we’re an independent insurance agency.  But that’s not why we do it.  We recommend people use independent insurance agents to get Chicago contractors insurance because

independent insurance agents work with many insurance companies.

That means that they have access to many contractors general liability insurance plans.  And that means that they can more easily match you with the right policy for you then regular (captive) agents.  And they can get you a better price too.

Chicago contractors insurance costs real money; so does having a policy that’s wrong for you.  So, it’s best if you don’t make mistakes here.

So which independent insurance agent should you use for your Chicago contractors insurance?

Us, obviously.  Why us?  Here are 5 great reasons:

      1. You get matched with an insurance policy that fits your needs to a T
      2. You get your certificate of insurance fast
      3. You pay less for your coverage
      4. You save time and energy
      5. You give yourself the chance to work with a Chicago contractors liability insurance source that’s highly recommended by its clients (91.3% of my business comes from referrals).

We don’t expect you to believe us when we tell you we’ll save you money.  We expect you to do your due diligence, to go find out what others offer, then come to us, compare what we offer to whoever you’ve come across during your research.

To get great yet inexpensive general contractors’ insurance from us, you need to tell us about your situation.  To do that, you can now call us at 847-675-7714 or contact us through out Contact Us page).

The right Chicago contractors general liability insurance is essential.  So, call 847-675-7714 or send us an email by clicking here and get give yourself the chance to get a great Chicago contractors insurance that fits your needs and costs less.

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