“Chicago Auto Insurance Seekers! Save Up To $637 On Your Car Insurance”


Are you tired of paying too much for your Chicago auto insurance?

Are you afraid your Chicago auto insurance doesn’t provide the right kind of coverage?

Chicago auto insuranceDid you ever make a claim only to find out that your Chicago auto insurance did not provide you enough coverage? Do you know somebody who found out too late that their Chicago auto insurance didn’t cover all they thought was covered?

Yes, you can save up to $637 on your Chicago auto insurance but you have to call 847-675-7714 to do it.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then contacting us (847-675-7714 or on our Contact page) is a great move as far as your Chicago auto insurance is concerned.  Bold claim, I know.  But if you read on you’ll find out it’s the truth.

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Here’s what happens when you contact us about your Chicago auto insurance needs:

1. We will ask you questions about your Chicago auto insurance needs are. We only work with people in Chicago and its suburbs.
2. We will ask you some more questions about your Chicago auto insurance needs.  And about your insurance needs in general.  To understand how to best help you get the right Chicago auto insurance at the right price.
3. We will match you with the best Chicago auto insurance plans we have access to.  And, being an independent insurance agency, we have access to many different plans.
4. We will tell you why that auto insurance plan is a good match for you.
5. We will tell you the negatives (if any) that auto insurance plan has.
6. You will know exactly what that Chicago auto insurance plan covers, why it is a good match for you, how much it costs.

To make it extra easy on you, if you come to our office and talk to us about your auto insurance needs, we’ll give you a FREE $5 Starbucks gift certificate.  Just for visiting our office and talking to me about your insurance needs.

You get it even if you choose not to take advantage of the great Chicago auto insurance plans I have access to.

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So, call 847-675-7714 (or email us your name and phone number and we will call you back) to set up a time when you can come and get great Chicago auto insurance coverage for a great price and pick up your FREE $5 Starbucks gift certificate.

And again, you get the gift certificate whether you get auto insurance through us or not.

You already know that if you’re live in or around Chicago, car insurance is a must.  You already know that car insurance coverage needs depend on many variables.  You know that Chicago car insurance prices vary a lot.  I’ve been living Chicago auto insurance for a few years now, as an independent insurance agent.  Not only can I but I will help you get the best Chicago auto insurance policy for you for up to $637 less than you can get anywhere else.

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