How I Started Helping People Get Auto And Homeowners Insurance

I didn’t grow up dreaming to be an independent insurance agent, didn’t dream, as a child, of helping people get homeowners’ insurance or auto insurance.  Instead, I wanted to be a firefighter and a pilot, like so many other kids.

So, how did I end up founding Statewide Insurance?

A few years ago, a friend was running an insurance agency for one of the big insurance boys. Or was it girls?

Anyway, there were a lot of people who wanted her to find them insurance through her agency. But she couldn’t. They were not good enough, these applicants. I spoke with some of them.They were nice, regular people. But big insurance companies have rules. Nice, regular people who had a claim were not to be insured.Too risky.

And nothing else mattered.

The State of Illinois had just started mandating that every driver have insurance or be fined or have his/her license revoked.  It instituted the SR22 insurance program.  So, you had to have insurance.

Some of the same people had been insured by my friend’s agency.Some for many years. Then, one day, they had to make a claim, and Good-bye.

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They had a hard time finding insurance. The big companies would not insure them. The smaller companies… There were so many and there was no easy way to sort through all of them, through all the variations in their application processes. Then, how do you know if they’re as reliable as they claim?

Talking to them, trying to help them, I started to get good at helping them find an auto insurance company that was willing to insure them despite whatever had caused them to be uninsurable by the big companies. Also, at getting them the right insurance.You know, make sure they weren’t overpaying and, worse, make sure they were not under-insured.

One day, I woke up with two ideas in my head:

1. I was good at getting people with difficult situations getting auto insurance.

2. I liked helping them.Why don’t I make it my full-time business?

So, I did. Statewide Insurance was born. At first I did only auto insurance, but soon people were asking for other kind of insurance. And I obliged.And now I have a full range of insurance products.And, since I’m an independent agent, an insurance broker, my company has access to many more products than a regular insurance agent. That means, I get lower prices than regular insurance agents.

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